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Jeremy Buis of DunedinIt's obvious from the recent spate of cases involving the arrogant abuse of power from an admittedly small number of police officers, that the effort over the last 10 years to remove the "Boys Own" locker-room culture from the ranks of the (male dominated) local police force has not worked.

This recent NZ Herald article exposes this culture.

The most worrying part of the story is the mention towards the end of the article of the still widespread puerile behaviour that seems to be accepted as the norm:

During the trial, the court heard from Buis and two of his former colleagues who spoke about the pranks they pulled on each other.

"It was just a bit of banter-type thing that we had going," one of the officers said.

He admitted wallpapering Buis' police pigeon hole with post-it notes on which were drawn penises.

In his locker nearby, the officer had covered the inside with half-naked men, including Sonny Bill Williams.

There was also evidence of a chat on a messaging app between Buis and colleagues on which they shared a photo of Pryde with phallic images drawn on.

"I guess it's just boy chat. I was being stupid. It could be a way to de-stress from work after a hard day. We were just being idiots," one of the participants said.

Although Southern District commander Superintendent Paul Basham asserts that "this is not part of a wider problem", recent events nationwide would suggest otherwise.

You can read the full article here.